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Welcome back, movie enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world of “Pareshan,” a Telugu film that takes us on a unique cinematic journey. This movie looks to be an interesting experience thanks to its unique narrative and excellent cast. So gather your popcorn, and let’s explore “Pareshan”‘s depths together.

Plot and Characters

The central characters of “Pareshan” are a group of young people who reside in the colliery town of Mancherial. Along with his buddies Basha (Bunny Abhiran), RGV, Satthi, and Maidaku, Isaac (Thiruveer) leads a life devoid of purpose, education, or prospects. They fight and play naughty pranks all day long. They are aware of their value and place within the microcosm of this community.

Samarpan, Isaac’s father (Muralidhar Goud), intends to bribe his boss in order to get his son a job. When Isaac loses the money and learns that Shireesha is pregnant, he is forced to make a difficult decision. Isaac has recently fallen in love with Shireesha (Pavani Karanam). The remainder of the film centres on Isaac’s attempt to find the money and deal with Shireesha before his father learns about it.

Breakaway from Conventional Narratives

“Pareshan” takes its time to establish the fundamental concept before breaking bravely away from conventional narrative conventions. The characters appear to be stuck in circles, and the lack of a predictable narrative arc adds an element of experimentation to the movie. Due to the great level of suspension of disbelief required, this aspect may cause viewers to disagree. There is no hope of finding a middle ground with this movie; you either love it or you detest it.

Authentic Telangana Milieu

“Pareshan” portrays the Telangana environment better than previous films like “Balagam,” “Dasara,” or “Mem Famous.” The people, mannerisms, and colloquial idioms are representative of most of Telangana even if it offers a more constrained societal representation that is particular to colliery towns. The movie successfully conveys the region’s character while immersing the viewer in its realism.

Stellar Performances and Rawness

The majority of the actors in “Pareshan” are debutants, with the exception of Thiruveer and Muralidhar Goud. Viewers might need to acclimatise to their unpolished state. But what sets the movie apart from others is its straightforward and unvarnished approach to character presentation. The songs and instrumental music make an effort to unify the overall experience thematically.

Moments of Contemplation

There are episodes of “Pareshan” that showcase Christian preachers and their antics. Even while not everyone may relate to these situations, they provide a fascinating element to the story. In his role as the father, Muralidhar Goud excels, while the actors who play Tiger Seenu and Marthamma make an impression. Just like with “Kobbari Matta,” writer-director Rupak Ronaldson creates a film that is challenging to see yet impossible to ignore. Thiruveer’s dedication to his role is admirable, and it never ceases to astound viewers.


Q: Who is the lead actor in “Pareshan”?
A: Thiruveer takes on the lead role in this film, showcasing his talent and dedication to his craft.

Q: Is “Pareshan” a conventional film?
A: No, “Pareshan” breaks away from established narrative structures, offering a unique and experimental cinematic experience.

Q: Does “Pareshan” capture the essence of Telangana?
A: Yes, the film successfully depicts the Telangana milieu, incorporating authentic characters, mannerisms, and colloquial expressions.

Q: Are there any standout performances in the movie?
A: Muralidhar Goud delivers a strong performance as the father, while the actors portraying Tiger Seenu and Marthamma leave a lasting impression.


The unconventional storytelling techniques used in “Pareshan” engage viewers in the realism of the characters and the surroundings. This movie is an experience that demands your attention, whether you love it or loathe it. “Pareshan” is a thought-provoking journey thanks to Thiruveer’s enthralling performance and Rupak Ronaldson’s bold direction.

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