Ayisha (2023): Malayalam


 Ayisha (2023)

Ayisha Movie Info:
Directed by: Aamir Pallikkal
Actors: Manju Warrier, Radhika, S.V. Krishna Shankar,
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family,
Categories: Malayalam Movies 2023,
Country: India
Language: Malayalam

Movie Review: Ayisha (2023)

A Heartwarming Journey of Hope and Resilience

This film is a poignant Malayalam-language drama directed by Aamir Pallikkal. Starring Manju Warrier, Mona Tawil, and Siddique, the film follows the life of Ayasha, a young woman who embarks on a new chapter as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia. Her story is one of trials, friendships, love, and the pursuit of acceptance.

Stellar Performances and Emotional Depth

The film shines with powerful performances from its cast. Manju Warrier delivers an outstanding portrayal of Ayasha, expertly conveying her strength, vulnerability, and unwavering resilience. Mona Tawil impresses as Mama, Ayasha’s mentor and confidante, adding depth and warmth to their relationship. The supporting cast, including Siddique, Indrans, and Dileesh Pothan, contribute memorable performances that enhance the film’s emotional impact.

Engaging Narrative and Migrant Worker Realities

The film presents an engaging and well-told story, delving into the challenges and triumphs of Ayisha’s journey. It effectively sheds light on the experiences of migrant workers and provides insight into their lives, struggles, and the complexities they face. Ayisha’s tale serves as both an inspiration and a reminder of the resilience found within the human spirit.

A Heartwarming and Uplifting Experience

The film is a heartwarming film that touches the audience’s emotions. It beautifully captures the essence of hope and perseverance, leaving viewers with a sense of upliftment. The film’s message resonates, reminding us of the power of human connection and the potential for personal growth even in the face of adversity.

Pros and Cons



    • Well-made and heartwarming

    • Strong performances from the cast, particularly Manju Warrier and Mona Tawil

    • Engaging narrative that explores the realities of migrant workers

    • Inspiring message of hope and resilience



    • Some scenes may be emotionally challenging to watch

    • The film’s ending may leave some viewers with an ambiguous impression

In my assessment, I would give this film a solid rating of 7 out of 10. It is a well-made film that successfully touches the heart, despite its minor flaws.


Q: Who directed Ayisha?

A: Ayisha is directed by Aamir Pallikkal.

Q: What genre does Ayisha belong to?

A: This film is a Malayalam-language drama film.

Q: How are the performances in Ayisha?

A: The performances in this film are exceptional, with Manju Warrier delivering a standout portrayal of Ayisha and Mona Tawil impressing as Mama.

Q: Does Ayisha offer an engaging narrative?

A: Absolutely! this film presents a compelling and well-told story that explores the realities and challenges faced by migrant workers, offering a valuable insight into their lives.

Q: Is Ayisha a heartwarming film?

A: Yes, this film is a heartwarming film that resonates with viewers, leaving them with a sense of upliftment and inspiration.

Q: What is the overall rating of Ayisha?

A: Ayisha receives a solid rating of 7 out of 10. It is a good film that effectively portrays the journey of its characters, despite its minor flaws.

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