Evil Dead Rise (2023): Full Movie Review

Evil Dead Rise

 Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Evil Dead Rise Movie Info:
Directed by: Lee Cronin
Actors: Mirabai Pease, Anna-Maree Thomas , Richard Crouchley,
Genres: Horror,
Categories: Hollywood Movies 2023,
Country: USA
Language: English and Telugu

Movie Review: Evil Dead Rise

A Worthy Addition to the Evil Dead Franchise

Evil Dead Rise is the fifth installment in the iconic Evil Dead film series, taking a fresh approach with a new director at the helm. Directed by Lee Cronin and written by Cronin and Danny McBride, this supernatural horror film delivers the elements fans have come to love: gore, scares, and a touch of humor.

The Direwood Terror Unleashed

In this film, we follow two estranged sisters who reunite at a remote cabin in the woods. Little do they know, they are about to face a horrifying confrontation with flesh-possessing demons. The stage is set for a thrilling and terrifying battle for survival.

Flair and Memorable Sequences

Lee Cronin’s direction brings a fresh perspective to the Evil Dead franchise, infusing the film with his own style and vision. One of the standout aspects of filim is the creation of truly memorable sequences that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The climactic battle, in particular, is a visual feast for horror enthusiasts.

Stellar Performances

The cast of this film delivers exceptional performances, with Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan stealing the spotlight. Their chemistry as sisters adds depth to the story, making their plight all the more compelling. The entire ensemble brings their A-game, adding to the film’s overall quality.

Fun, Gore, and Scares:

Fans of the Evil Dead franchise will not be disappointed with the amount of gore, scares, and sheer entertainment value in Evil Dead Rise. The film stays true to its roots, delivering the gruesome and intense moments that have become synonymous with the series. Be prepared for some stomach-churning and adrenaline-pumping scenes.

Minor Quibbles

While Evil Dead Rise is an enjoyable horror film, it does suffer from a few pacing issues. Some scenes might feel slightly stretched or rushed, affecting the overall flow of the story. Additionally, the plot, while engaging, might not reach the same level of intricacy as previous entries in the franchise. However, these minor quibbles do not overshadow the film’s positive aspects.

Final Verdict: A Fun and Entertaining Horror Flick

Evil Dead Rise is a worthy addition to the Evil Dead franchise, delivering the gruesome goods fans crave. Lee Cronin’s direction and the excellent performances from the cast elevate the film, ensuring an engaging experience. Although it has its pacing issues and a relatively weaker storyline compared to its predecessors, it remains a solid entry in the series.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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Q: Who directed Evil Dead Rise?

A: Evil Dead Rise is directed by Lee Cronin.

Q: Is Evil Dead Rise part of the Evil Dead film series?

A: Yes, Evil Dead Rise is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead franchise.

Q: Does Evil Dead Rise deliver on gore and scares?

A: Absolutely! Evil Dead Rise offers plenty of gore, scares, and intense moments that fans of the series will appreciate.

Q: Are there any standout performances in Evil Dead Rise?

A: Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan deliver standout performances, bringing depth and chemistry to their roles as the sisters in the film.

Q: Does Evil Dead Rise live up to the previous films in the franchise?

A: While Evil Dead Rise may not have the same level of storytelling as some of its predecessors, it remains a fun and entertaining horror film that will please fans of the series.

Q: What is the overall rating of Evil Dead Rise?

A: Evil Dead Rise receives

a rating of 3.5/5 stars.

Pros and Cons



    • Great direction by Lee Cronin

    • Excellent cast

    • Plenty of gore and scares

    • Fun and entertaining



    • Pacing issues

    • Story is not as strong as previous films in the franchise

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