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Munjya (2024) Movie Telugu, Hindi , Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada Full Movie Review

Munjya Movie Info:
Directed by
: Aditya Sarpotdar
Actors:  Abhay Verma, Sharvari
Genres: Action, Drama
Categories: Indian cinema 2024,
Country: INDIA
Language: Hindi, Telugu

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Munjya (2024) Hindi Movie in Telugu

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the blog! Today, we’re diving into the world of “Munjya,” a recent horror-comedy offering that’s been stirring up conversation. Whether you’re a die-hard horror fan or simply enjoy a good laugh with a side of scares, let’s see if “Munjya” might be your next cinematic adventure.

Munjya Movie (2024) Release Date Budget & Collections

“Munjya” hit the silver screen on June 7th, 2024, courtesy of Maddock Films, the studio behind successful supernatural comedies like “Stree” and “Bhediya.”

While the exact budget for “Munjya” hasn’t been officially revealed, considering Maddock’s track record and the film’s visual effects, it’s safe to assume it falls within the range of typical mid-budget Bollywood productions.

As of today, June 18th, 2024, It has reportedly garnered a decent box office collection. Though it hasn’t broken any records, it seems to be finding a steady audience.

Munjya Movie (2024) Review & Rating

It is a film of mixed bags. The story follows a young man named Gote (played by Abhay Verma) whose life takes a terrifying turn when a vengeful spirit, the Munjya, sets its sights on him. The film attempts to blend scares with humor, with varying degrees of success.


  • Visually Stunning: It boasts some impressive visuals, particularly when showcasing the Munjya itself. The haunting atmosphere of Chiplun, the film’s setting, is effectively captured.
  • Performances: The cast delivers solid performances, with Abhay Verma leading the charge as the hapless Gote. Sharvari, who portrays the love interest, brings a touch of charm to the narrative.
  • Family Dynamics: The film explores the complexities of family relationships, adding an emotional layer to the horror-comedy.


  • Uneven Tone: The balance between scares and humor feels a bit off at times. Some jokes land, while others fall flat.
  • Predictable Plot: The story unfolds in a somewhat predictable manner, lacking the element of surprise that elevates horror films.

Overall, “Munjya” is an entertaining, albeit uneven, watch. If you’re looking for a light horror experience with some laughs thrown in, it might be worth checking out. Here’s a breakdown of a possible rating system:

  • IMDb: As of today, the user rating on IMDb sits at a decent 6.5/10.
  • BookMyShow: Here, audience reviews are more mixed, with an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.


The soundtrack of the movie is a blend of catchy tunes and spooky instrumentals. The title track, “Munjya Munjya,” has become a popular dance number, while the soulful ballad “Tere Bina” adds a touch of romance to the film.

Munjya Movie (2024) Cast & Crew

Movie TitleMunjya
Movie Release DateJune 7, 2024
Movie Based onIndian Folklore
GenresHorror-Comedy, Supernatural
Movie Star NamesAbhay Verma, Sharvari, Mona Singh, Sathyaraj
Movie Running Time153 Minutes
Movie Director NameAditya Sarpotdar
Movie Producer NamesDinesh Vijan, Amar Kaushik
Movie Music BySachin-Jigar
Movie Cinematography NameSaurabh Goswami
Movie Edited ByMonisha R Baldawa
Movie Production Company NameMaddock Films

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s address some of the burning questions you might have about “Munjya”:

Q: Is Munjya scary?

A: It depends on your tolerance for horror. While the film incorporates jump scares and a creepy atmosphere, it’s not overly terrifying.

Q: Is Munjya funny?

A: Again, it’s subjective. The humor is more situational and relies on Gote’s predicament. Some viewers may find it amusing, while others might not.

Q: Is Munjya a sequel?

A: No, It is a standalone film, though it exists within Maddock’s horror-comedy universe that includes films like “Stree” and “Bhediya.”

Q: Is Munjya worth watching?

A: If you enjoy horror-comedies and don’t mind a predictable plot, then it could be a fun watch. However, if you’re looking for a truly scary or side-splittingly funny experience, you might want to look elsewhere.

So, there you have it! We’ve explored the movie, its release, budget, collections, and offered a general review. Ultimately, the decision of whether to watch the movie is up to you. However, at least you now know more about what you’re in for! Tell me if you’ve seen it and what you think in the comments section below.


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