Pindam (2023) Telugu Movie


Pindam Movie (2023) Telugu, Hindi Full Movie Review

Pindam Movie Info:
Directed by
Saikiran Daida
Actors:  Srikanth Sriram, Kushee Ravi
Genres: Action, Drama
Categories: Indian cinema 2023,
Country: INDIA
Language: Telugu

Pindam Movie (2023) Review

Hey horror hounds and thrill seekers! Buckle up, because we’re taking a dive into the murky depths of “Pindam,” the Telugu horror film that just hit theaters. Did it send shivers down our spines and have us clutching our armrests in terror? Or did it leave us feeling like we’d stumbled into a haunted house with all the lights on? Let’s unravel the mysteries of “Pindam” together.

Stepping into the Shadows: A Story Unveiled

An Intriguing Premise: “Pindam” weaves a tale of a young family, the Antony’s, moving into a seemingly idyllic village house that harbors a dark secret. Strange occurrences plague them, pushing the boundaries of reality and sanity. Enter Loknath, a researcher studying occult phenomena, who becomes entangled in their chilling predicament. As he delves deeper, the village’s past spills forth, revealing a malevolent entity tied to a tragic history.

Familiar Haunts: While the premise holds promise, the narrative treads on familiar horror tropes. The haunted house with a hidden past, the unsettling whispers in the dead of night, the possessed child – these elements, while effectively creepy, lack a refreshing twist. We’ve seen them play out before, leaving us wanting a more innovative approach to the chills.

Flickering Flames: Performances that Light and Shadow

Solid Leads: The film rests on the shoulders of its cast, and they deliver committed performances. Sriram as the tormented father evokes empathy and dread in equal measure. Khushi Ravi as the concerned mother adds vulnerability and strength to the mix. Even the child actors shine, particularly the little girl who portrays their possessed daughter.

Supporting Spooks: The supporting cast adds depth, with Eeswari Rao excelling as the seasoned tantric seeking answers. However, some characters feel underdeveloped, their potential for intrigue unexplored.

Flashbacks and Flaws: “Pindam” utilizes flashbacks to unveil the village’s history, adding context and depth to the present-day horror. However, the pacing suffers in these segments, dragging the narrative at times.

Chills and Thrills: Does “Pindam” Deliver?

Haunted House Hits and Misses: The film excels in creating an unsettling atmosphere. The dilapidated house, shrouded in shadow and Geheimnis, delivers genuine chills. Jump scares, while present, are used sparingly and effectively, relying more on psychological dread than cheap thrills.

Where’s the Wow? Despite the unsettling ambiance and capable performances, “Pindam” fails to truly innovate. The predictable narrative and familiar tropes limit its potential to truly terrify or surprise. While it offers a decent dose of chills, it doesn’t leave a lasting mark on the horror landscape.


Q: Is “Pindam” scary?

A: It depends on your horror tolerance. While the film creates a creepy atmosphere and has effective jump scares, it relies on familiar tropes and doesn’t offer groundbreaking terror.

Q: What’s the story about?

A: A young family moves into a haunted house in a village with a dark past. They encounter strange occurrences and seek help from a researcher specializing in the occult, leading to the unraveling of a malevolent entity tied to the village’s tragic history.

Q: Is it worth watching?

A: If you’re a fan of classic haunted house stories and don’t mind familiar tropes, you might enjoy “Pindam.” However, if you’re looking for something more innovative or terrifying, you might be left wanting.

Q: Who’s in the cast?

A: The film stars Sriram, Khushi Ravi, Eeswari Rao, Srikanth, and Ravivarma.

Q: Where can I watch “Pindam”?

A: Currently, “Pindam” is playing in theaters in India. Availability on streaming platforms may vary depending on your region.

The Final Haunting:

“Pindam” offers a decent dose of chills and unsettling atmosphere, fueled by capable performances and a classic haunted house premise. However, its reliance on familiar tropes and predictable narrative prevent it from truly terrifying or standing out in the vast landscape of horror. Whether you succumb to its shadows or find the light elsewhere, remember, dear readers, sometimes the most haunting stories are the ones we write in our own imaginations.

So, horror enthusiasts, what did you think of “Pindam”? Did it give you nightmares or just a mildly spooky evening? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s keep the spooky conversation going!


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