Saindhav Movie (2024)

Saindhav Movie

Saindhav (2024) Movie Telugu, Hindi Full Movie Review

Saindhav Movie Info:
Directed by
Dr. Sailesh Kolanu
Actors:  Venkatesh Daggubati , Baby Ssara
Genres: Action, Drama
Categories: Indian cinema 2024,
Country: INDIA
Language: Telugu

Movie Trailer:

Saindhav (2024): A Gripping Tale of Redemption Wrapped in Gritty Action

Hey film fanatics, gather around! Today, we delve into the murky underworld of “Saindhav,” a Telugu action thriller that hit screens on January 5th, 2024. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of vengeance, family ties, and electrifying action sequences that leave you breathless. So, buckle up and let’s dissect this cinematic beast piece by piece.

Saindhav Movie Release Date and Budget: A High-Octane New Year Arrival

Saindhav roared into theaters on the very first Friday of 2024, setting the tone for a year of captivating cinema. This ambitious project, helmed by director Sailesh Kolanu, boasted a hefty budget of ₹45 crores, evident in its grand sets, slick action choreography, and a stellar cast.

Saindhav Movie Box Office Collections: A Slow Burn with Steady Simmers

While Saindhav didn’t set the box office on fire immediately, it garnered steady collections thanks to its gripping narrative and Venkatesh’s powerhouse performance. Critics were divided, but word-of-mouth buzz propelled the film past its initial hiccups, resulting in a respectable commercial run.

Saindhav Movie Review & Rating: A Mix of Thrill and Predictability (3.5/5)

Saindhav is a film of stark contrasts. On one hand, it boasts gritty action sequences reminiscent of John Wick, with Venkatesh executing bone-crunching maneuvers with the agility of a seasoned warrior. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, as the menacing antagonist, delivers a chilling performance that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

However, the screenplay falters in its predictability. The core plot follows familiar tropes of a retired criminal pulled back into the underworld to protect his loved ones. While the emotional beats resonate, the lack of originality drags the narrative down at times. The supporting cast, excluding Andrea Jeremiah’s captivating turn, suffers from underdeveloped characters, leaving their potential untapped.

Despite these shortcomings, Saindhav shines in its technical aspects. The cinematography is top-notch, capturing the grimy underbelly of the city and the pulsating energy of the action sequences. The soundtrack by Santhosh Narayanan, though not groundbreaking, complements the film’s tone effectively.

Ultimately, Saindhav is a thrilling ride with flaws that hold it back from greatness. Venkatesh’s performance and the intense action sequences are undeniable highlights, but the predictable plot and underdeveloped characters prevent it from reaching its full potential. My verdict? A 3.5 out of 5 stars, worth a watch for action aficionados and Venkatesh fans, but with reservations for those seeking cinematic innovation.

Songs: Melodies That Set the Mood

The soundtrack of Saindhav is a mixed bag. While it doesn’t boast chart-topping hits, the songs serve their purpose of setting the film’s mood effectively. “Rakta Charitra” is a pulsating, adrenaline-pumping track that perfectly complements the action sequences. “Nee Siggune” provides a tender respite with its soulful melody, highlighting the emotional core of the narrative. Overall, the music adds another layer to the film’s storytelling, even if it doesn’t stand out on its own.

Saindhav Movie (2024) Cast & Crew

Details of Movie

Movie NameSaindhav
Movie Release DateJanuary 5th, 2024
Movie Based onOriginal Story
GenresAction, Thriller
Movie QualityNot specified
Movie Star NameVenkatesh Daggubati, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Andrea Jeremiah, Ruhani Sharma, Mukesh Rishi
Movie Running Time147 Minutes
Movie Director NameSailesh Kolanu
Movie Producer NameSrikkanth, Narayan Das Narang, Ram Achanta, Gopi Krishna
Movie Music ByM. M. Keeravani and Ilaiyaraaja (Score), Santhosh Narayanan (Songs)
Movie Cinematography NameMurali Krishna G
Movie Edited ByThamizh, Sreekar Prasad
Movie Production Company NamePeople Media Factory, Shine Screens
Movie Distributed ByZee Studios (Hindi), North Star Entertainment (Telugu), Sri Venkateswara Creations (Telugu), KRG Studios (Kannada)
LocationNot specified

Burning Questions: Saindhav’s FAQs Answered

Now, let’s address some of the burning questions you might have about Saindhav:

Q: Is Saindhav a remake?

A: No, It is an original story conceived and written by Sailesh Kolanu. However, it undeniably draws inspiration from other action thrillers, particularly the John Wick franchise.

Q: Is Saindhav suitable for families?

A: Due to its violence and mature themes, It might not be suitable for young children. Parental guidance is definitely recommended.

Q: Who is the female lead in Saindhav?

A: It has no single female lead. Several actresses, including Andrea Jeremiah and Ruhani Sharma, play pivotal roles with distinct personalities and contributions to the story.

Q: Where can I watch Saindhav?

A: Saindhav is currently playing in theaters across India. However, a digital release on streaming platforms is expected in the coming months.

Q: Is there a sequel planned for Saindhav?

A: The ending of the movie leaves the door open for a potential sequel. However, no official announcements have been made by the makers as of yet.

Q: Is Saindhav worth watching?

A: If you’re a fan of action thrillers and enjoy Venkatesh’s performances, then it is definitely worth checking out. Just be prepared for a familiar narrative and keep your expectations in check.


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