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Ranasthali movie Movie Info:
Directed by: Parasuram Srinivas
Actors: Dharma, Ammu Abhirami, Banerjee, Sammeta Gandhi,
Genres: Action, Drama, Revenge, Justice, Historical,
Categories: Tollywood Movies 2023,
Country: INDIA
Language: Telugu

Ranasthali: A Well-Made Action Drama with Some Great Performances


Ranasthali is a 2022 Telugu action drama film directed by Parasuram Srinivas and produced by Anupama Sureddi. The film stars Dharma, Ammu Abhirami, and Banerjee in the lead roles.

The film tells the story of Basava (Dharma), a warrior who is seeking revenge for the death of his father. He sets out to find his father’s killers, but along the way, he meets Ammulu (Ammu Abhirami), a young woman who is also seeking revenge. The two of them team up to fight their enemies and avenge their loved ones


  • Great performances from Dharma and Ammu Abhirami: Dharma is excellent as Basava, and he brings a lot of intensity to the role. Ammu Abhirami is also good as Ammulu, and she has some great action scenes. The supporting cast is also solid, with Banerjee, Sammeta Gandhi, and Shiva Jami all giving good performances.
  • Well-choreographed action sequences: The film’s action sequences are well-choreographed and exciting.
  • Good emotional moments: The film also has some good emotional moments, and it does a good job of exploring the themes of revenge and justice.


  • Some slow pacing in the first half: The film’s pacing is a bit slow in the first half, but it picks up in the second half.
  • A few predictable plot twists: There are a few predictable plot twists in the film, but they don’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the film.


Ranasthali is a solid action drama with some great performances. It is a good option for genre enthusiasts..

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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Q: What is the film about?

A: Ranasthala is a story of revenge. Basava, a warrior, sets out to find the killers of his father. Along the way, he meets Ammulu, a young woman who is also seeking revenge. The two of them team up to fight their enemies and avenge their loved ones.

Q: What are the strengths of Ranasthali?

A: The film’s strengths include the great performances from Dharma and Ammu Abhirami, the well-choreographed action sequences, and the good emotional moments.

Q: What are the weaknesses of the film?

A: The film’s weaknesses include some slow pacing in the first half and a few predictable plot twists.

Q: Who would enjoy the film?

A: Fans of the action genre will enjoy Ranasthala. The film also has some good emotional moments, so it is a good choice for fans of those types of films as well.

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